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Zindagi ka maza to khatte me hi hai – Spicy Jaipur

Jaipur is a city rich in Rajasthani-culture, Rajput-andaaz and colorful-festivals which just unleashes the bubbly kid inside you, ready to run like a gazette exploring all the rich and amazing beauty of the city.

Doesn’t your heart bounce in your chest, when you put that first bite of pani-puri in your mouth and savior its khata-meetha taste and that crunch of the patashi and the severity of that absurd smile on your face with all that experience! Isn’t it a hardcore experience?

Well, if you are not getting what I am saying, then let’s go through this fun ‘n’ frolic conversation between two friends, living in Jaipur, about 16 of age and wandering around the city after their tuitions.

Aditi: Hey Rags , isn’t that tuition teacher’s voice like an opera singer? I almost wept in crocodile tears there yaar!

 Ragini (grunting under her breath): Even opera is better than that! She resonates more of like Rani Mukherjee got a severe cold. Imagine that?

Aditi (burst out with laughter): Well, that’s rude of us, talking about our teacher like that! Last year, she was reason why I got an A in my physics!

Ragini: Whatever man! All these studies have made me really hungry, let’s go to the Bharat’s. I am craving for a bingo chaat!

Aditi (with twinkling eyes): C’mon let’s go! What are we waiting for?

  1. Bharat Bits and Bites at Raja Park

A home for many students who come there mainly in the evenings, after they get finished with their tuitions and are seen loitering around the small café, eating and chatting through the night!

Bharat offers a wide variety in mouthwatering food like, Bhel Puri, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches and many more!

Major highlight: Sandwiches, mayonnaise patties and pink sauce pasta.

streetfood jaipurtalks (4)

Aditi (wiping her mouth): Dude, since we are in Raja Park, let’s go to the Nandu’s Gol Gappa!

Ragini (nodding her head while putting a bingo chip sprinkled with tony pieces of onion, tomato, mayonnaise paste).

  1. Nand’s Gol Gappa

Jaipur is famous is for its Puchka-Shots, Gol-Gappa, Pani-Puri or whatever people calls it. It’s the major attraction in Raja Park area, for the people looking for food to reenergize their taste buds. People surround the small shop like a swarm of bees ready to suck her rich nectar of honey from there!

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Aditi: well that was nice! But one bingo chaat and Gol-Gappa doesn’t really fill my stomach. I am still hungry!!!

Ragini: then let’s get ourselves bhel puris!!! It’s just around the corner.

Aditi: what? Really, that too in Raja Park?

Ragini (doing a courtesy): follow your tour guide, Mam!

  1. The bhel /sev puri Stall ( In front of Julie furniture’s shop)

Just a small street vendor has the popularity like haldiram’s, with boozing customers and amazingly-tasty food items with which he had made a huge place in the hearts of the people! He uses Banaras bhel and spices to make the food items.

streetfood jaipurtalks (9)

Aditi: wow! That was amazing. Shouldn’t we try something more filling?

Ragini (patting her stomach): yeah, I can manage that!

  1. Radhey sham Bhatia paneer wale

Amazing variety of paneer dipped in soya sauce, green chutney and spicy sauces over it; it’s really an amazing way to energize your taste buds!

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Aditi (each): Now, let’s give our stomachs a rest! I couldn’t think I have it in me to reduce like Adnan Sami, if we become a humpty dumpty after eating all that!

Ragini: let’s go and have coffees, then?

  1. Theka Coffee Da

A really nice coffee café with the name resonating Rajasthani feel and offers amazing coffee. Also, they give an opportunity to their customers to wear those red-color Rajasthani turbans and also pick a paper-cut moustache and pose in front of the camera. These people then post your picture on their fb page. It’s something different and exciting too!

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Aditi: Well that was great! Now, let’s return home before my mom reincarnates into goddess Durga!

Ragini: Well, let’s meet after 9pm!

(Precisely at 9:25pm, they meet outside Aditi’s home in Raja Park)

 Ragini: let’s go and hot coffees!

Aditi: but where to?

Ragini: at the GVDs.

6. GVD Soni’s café

This is a place which attracts most of the youth from around the city, just like the Bharats. It offers a wide variety in fast food and also ample of seating place toil venture our fun conversations and nice time.

streetfood jaipurtalks (6)

Aditi: hey, I would like to have jaljeera, instead of a coffee. So let go to GT, as it’s the nearest!

Ragini: cool, Yaar!



GT provides one a variety of junkies in all food cuisines like south Indian, north Indian and, much more. It’s like Delhi’s Chowpati, with all the rush of people, even at 11 pm in the night!

streetfood jaipurtalks (2)

There is a shop just right at the front of McDonalds, who serves a wide range of sodas and ice-golas!

Aditi (slurping the last droplet of her soda drink): Well, that was just amazing!

Ragini: let’s end this chatpatta-day with some nice paans, what do you say?

  1. Anu mobile paan Bhandaar

streetfood jaipurtalks (7)

It offers a wide range of paans. The most exciting could be its “fire pan”. You should try it once you go there!

  1. What’s next???

Well there were many locations in Jaipur which was missed by the two friends Aditi and Ragini, but since they were filled with their tummies, that doesn’t mean, even we are content! Here‘s a list of many more such small street vendors and parlors which cater a huge variety of tasty food junkies!


  • Indore poha center at tonk road (opens at 6:30 am, tasty poha, daal Ki pakodi served with hot tea)
  • LMB hotel (khandvi, samosa kachori)
  • Rawat( famous for pyaaz ki kachori )
  • Lassi wala at MI road ( since 1944)
  • Statue circle coffee ( road side vendors )
  • Falahaar at tonk road
  • JMD café at tonk road (famous for its wide range in sandwiches)
  • Burger corner at C-scheme

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