Vivid colors of Jaipur- Dussehra Celebration and Muharram Procession

Dussehra Celebration in Jaipur

On the eve of Dussehra, the city was all excited to witness the annual custom of ‘Ravan Dahan’ burning of effigies of King Ravan. Dussehra celebration in Jaipur could be enjoyed at

  1. Dussehra maidan (ground), Adarsh Nagar
  2. V.T. Road Mansarovar
  3. Rastrapati Maidan, Shastri Nagar
  4. Vidhyadhar Nagar Stadium

Jaipurtalks, the blog of Jaipur, brings you the glimpse of dussehra celebration from Vidhyadhar Nagar stadium

Muhharam Tazia procession in Jaipur

City witnessed the procession Muharram from various parts of the city. Muharram commemorates the martyrdom of the prophet Mohammed’s grandson- Hazrat Imam Hussein. Tazias, glittering replicas of the Martyr’s tomb, are carried in procession through the streets. People beat their chest in mourning to the tune of beating drums and chant ‘Ya Hussain’. Devotees beat themselves and inflict wounds on their own bodies. Jaipurtalks, brings you a glimpse of the procession in the city :-


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