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These Fashion Bloggers from Jaipur burning out Social Media

Fash Alert! These 5 fashion bloggers from Jaipur are giving Major Fashion goals to Jaipurites.
Remember those dreadful days when you had no other option other than to follow those totally impracticable fashion trends promulgated by celebrities or those alien-alike models. Gone are the days when Fashion was confined as an exclusive territory of the boujee. Thanks to the Instagram, our current fav ‘FASHUN PANDIT’, we have an army of real Fash Icons called fashion bloggers, who are our ah-mazing yet workable inspiration. Being a fashion stalkers aka follower is a legit thing now.
Never the one to lag behind, fashion blogger scene in Jaipur has bloomed rapidly in the last couple of years. And why not? Jaipur with its royal history, extensively curated art and oodles of vibrancy has been an endless source of stimulation for Fashion all around the world, Whether being the muse of designer’s such as Anita Dongre and sabyasachi Mukherjee or a red hot choice for vogue’s Latest shoot, Jaipur has been actually the GOAT destination for fashion inspo. Probably This is the reason, Jaipur fashion bloggers have got an Inherent sense of fashion from this very same place.
Today, We rounded up the top 6 fashion bloggers from Jaipur with the most savage wearable style and taste. These are the who’s who of Jaipur fashionistas, who pack a fashion punch that makes us want to click the follow button right away. Check them out to get the daily fix for your fashion dilemmas:-
1. Treasure Muse aka Nidhi Agarwal
Our very first pick from Jaipur’s vogue sorority is Nidhi Agrwal aka Instagram’s ‘The treasure muse’. The prima Donna of Jaipur fashion prides herself on being the style blogger from Jaipur to bag maximum collabs with almost all major brands, 85 brands to be more precise, amongst the likes of Max fashions, Bewakoof, stalk buy love and many more. In her own words ” Fashion is different for all, for a designer fashion is different cuts and stich. For a little girl fashion is her barbie bag. For me fashion is elegance. ” To boots she has also  been featured into various fashion magazines and newspapers like DNA & Dainik bhaskar.

Yaay!! Sit Back Sunday ! The day when we relax after working the entire week. So let this Sunday be Stylish? @maxfashionindia Giving me Comfort Goals by launching its summer collection 2017′. Let me show you what you can wear this Sunday from @maxfashionindia! . . Follow : @akashyap_ #endlesswaystobond #7days7looks7stories #maxfashion #Summer17 #beattheheathwithmax #treasuremuse . . Visit or Max Fashion app to avail exciting offers :- . . . . #fashion #beauty #fashionblogger #jaipurblogger #jaipurbloggers #ny #india #look #newyork #dubai #lookoftheday #look #magazine #instagrammer #ootd #outfitoftheday #potd #picoftheday #photography #photoshoot #follow #youtuber #videolover #collaboration #chick #treasuremuse

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What stands her out : Her totes doable everyday fashion inspiration. Not to mention her fair take on various brands review. Way to go girl!

2. Mydesipandora aka Chitrangi Sharma 

Our second pick from Jaipur fashion blogging scene, Chitrangi sharma who runs her blog, is truly the fashion boss woman. She firmly believes in the notion of “Fashion doesn’t wears you, rather it’s you who wear the fashion.” A staunch supporter of comfort fashion, this lady is known to give some major fashion inspiration on everything ranging from casual to wedding ensembles. Her fashion mantra totally pivots on ‘being savage while being yourself’. She currently works with 3 fashion brands, one travel and one whistleblower portal as a writer.  Not to mention that she has been featured in Imagine more magazine’s second issue as well and numerous print media such as DNA, city Bhaskar etc.

 What stands her out : Along with her classy fashion aesthetic, her thought process and the way she whips the concept of ‘Love your body’. She has also founded @Streetstylejaipur to bring Jaipur streetstyle into vogue. Way to slay lady!
3. Shradha_Choudhary The faddish bug aka Shradha!
A staunch supporter of fashion/styles that are easy day to day but at the same time offbeat classy, this gorgeous lass is often found switching her fashion personality from being boho a day to being a total westerner babe. Although she doesn’t runs a blog yet but she influences her followers via her Instagram, the
latest social media kid on the fashion block. Her Instagram account is an extension of her own charming persona, and if we talk on the work turf, the influencer has have worked with vasansi, miway fashions etc.

 What stands her out : Her way of carrying each and every kind of style with equal elan is what stands her out of the crowd. We so adore her styling and she is known to be on fashion point 99.99 % time. (Oh! We are kidding, it’s actually 100 %). 

4The spry alter aka Shivani sharma

 Fashion photographer, Dancer, Choreographer, travel blogger, fitness blogger, YouTuber and much more. Our next blogger pick from Jaipur is a mad genius who proudly donnes not one but way too many feathers in her hat. We are talking about this unpretentious fashion influencer who goes by the name of The spry alter on Instagram. Her cool AF style is just a reflection of her even cooler temperament. She has collaborated with various brands like VLCC, plum goodness etc. 

I love short hair #haveagreatweek#mondaymotivation#ootd#poutitout#okbye A post shared by Shivani Sharma || TheSpryAlter (@shivisha_) on

 What stands her out : As the name of her blog suggests, this charmer wishes to have a positive influence on people whether it comes to style or their way living. DEF A beauty with brains indeed!
5. Audacious Apoorva Sharma aka Apoorva
Fashion is yet another form of creativity. Isn’t it? Our next favourite blogger from our Pinkcity is the legit creative kid on the fashion block, being a designing and photography student of
Rajastjan school of arts. This diva’s Insta handle that goes by the name audacious Apoorva presents a true blue audacious picture of her individuality, self-expression and her devotion towards photography and designing; her two major loves. Don’t trust us? you can check out yourself. Within a short span of 6 months she has bagged multiple nationals and international collabs.

 What stands her out : Her fun and youthful fashion appeal resonates well with her jovial persona and ofcourse, which is evident in her styling as well. Literally lit! (Pun intended)



6. Lachicviglondon aka Karan Vig


 Our next pick from Jaipur’s fashion bailiwick is this fabulously opinionated diva who runs his fashion blog called ‘Lachicviglondon’. Karan is a fav amongst the fashion fraternity of Jaipur due to his impeccable and at time avant Garde taste in ethnic fashion.


 What stands him out : Apart from his literal ‘Out of the world’ style trenchancy, Karan’s phrenic state of mind, his intellectual views on issues that are otherwise shunned, and drifted thoughts inspires his followers to delve into not only a world of admirable style but influence them on a mental level too. 
P.S. – We rounded up to these fashion bloggers/influencers not only on the basis of number of followers or brand collabs but we also took their style, panache, taste and ofcourse fashion quotient into consideration.

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