The Jaipur girl, Pinky Maheshwari, dared to dream and finally lived it

If She can do it, so can you! – A successful Startup Story which is hell Inspiring !!!

Ever wondered how priceless that small smile is, which creeps up on a person’s face, as you give them beautiful presents? As you give something to someone, that single moment stands still for them. Like the world has come to a standstill. Their heart erupts in this wild erratic happiness, which crawls on their faces in the way of a sweet smile. What a beautiful moment it is, right?

Now, wonder if you are the ONE who is creating a thousand smiles on more than a thousand faces on this earth, on a daily basis? What if I say, that because of you, a person was truly happy and rejoicing? What If I say, that in 24 hours’ time because of you, someone felt worth and really special?

Well, this is what this girl, from our very own pink city, Jaipur, has decided to do. She has chosen to follow her passion, to go with what she truly loves doing. And that is, bringing smile to people’s faces.

How Does She Do That?

Pinky Maheshwari, like every other girl has ambitions and dreams. A dream to start her own company and, luckily she has achieved it!

Surprise Someone is a website portal which caters to amazing gifts and personalized cards for every occasion, which is especially hand-crafted and made by the talented group of artisans and creative enthusiasts.

Customized gift for your loved ones

Seldom, in life people tend to get lost and “drift far away” from their loved ones, who, once they used to dearly cherish. In this chaotic world, where people doesn’t have time to “drop by”, show their faces or else call… they seldom think of making any effort to bring something for the important people in their lives.

Estranged by the nagging blue ticks of Whatsapp, the crazy tweeting and the incessant fb likes, people have forgotten the importance of what is the power of “giving something to someone”. It’s more beautiful than dropping a single text!

We understand your emotion behind every gift !

 “My parents think I have wasted my 24 hours, if I haven’t created anything new or innovative. And I think, making people smile is the hardest job in this world. “

Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Surprise Someone

Surprise Someone which became a reality, after all the hard work and struggles, was only possible because of Pinky’s mother  Sharda Daga. Her mother has been her strong pillar and an amazing mentor who guided her, along this hard path relentlessly.

Pinky Maheswari with her mother Sharda Daga

The girl, who worked a decade with the corporate world, some years with one of the world’ largest ad agency and then a few set of years in the telecom sector, decided to live her dream! She chose to face her dream with shinning courage in her eyes, full support from her family and a strong belief in herself.

Her mother Sharda Daga is the one who roams around the world, in order to meet and create a talented pool of creative minds and enthusiasts. While, Pinky herself, takes care of the ideas and the proper implementation, along with she being the front face at all the market dealings.

Surprise Someone, in one year of time has able to provide employment to a handful of approx. 42 craftsmen and artisans. Also, the company has around 10 talented people who are managing the business with their tact and grit.

 “I give my heartiest gratitude to my long experience in the corporate world, which gave me that acumen and caliber to show that courage to start my own thing. Also, I am thankful to the heart strong support of my respected seniors, my family and all those people who were there for me, when I needed them the most. And, of course last but not the least, my husband Prashant Maheshwari and my lovely son Udit have always come to my rescue whenever I needed it”.

New Plans – New Visions

Surprise Someone will be soon serving those delectable and sweet hand crafted presents in the air flights, for the people to enjoy and also to surprise someone they dearly love and adore.

Also, this facility would also be enjoyed in the movie theatres where you can surprise them with amazing presents while catching up on the latest movie. (This can be a perfect way to spend your first date!) Also, in the restaurants one would find those customized menu cards just to make you feel honored and special.

Also, soon we would be booming in the corporate sector and would also cater to the Telecom & Banking sector, helping their HNI base surprise and thus, connecting them on an emotional basis.

Thus, a simple girl with big dreams in her eyes, dared to dream, dared

 to take a huge leap of faith and believed, that ‘she can do it”.

If she can do it, then why not you?

This is an inspiring story of an ambitious woman, the one who ignored all her limitations and chose to follow her passion. She can say that she has been lucky to have such a supporting family, especially her mother Sharda Daga who has been like a rock guide beside her.

This perfect duo, has turned every negative into positive and has really shown the world, that it is possible!

Surprise someone is now serving to 2512 customers and also helped them to surprise their dear and loved ones!

Their Surprise Someone Mantra-

Dream big

Live simple

Spread smiles

Give love

Laugh lots

Be grateful


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