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Tao Experiences – For Adventure lovers in Jaipur

Jaipurtalks is back again and this time it’s a treat for all the Jaipurites. The treat is in the form of an adventurous extravaganza –

Tao experiences

Tao experiences is an adventurous expedition which organizes various activates like bungee jumping ,rope climbing and many more which would vitalize your senses and make you mad with enjoyment!!! Here are the activities enlisted below which one can look forward to, in this extravaganza drill of adventure.

Low rope course


It’s like a hardcore experience for the ones who love to chase the adventures to the brink! You would start with plank cross, take it to tire hazard and then comes the Burma Bridge followed by spider’sweb.

Body zorbing     

9  It’s like being packed in a bubble and go dwindling down the ground,burning your few calories and smiles in the process. These zorb balls which are 4-feet diameter are really fun to play with or just watching them is quite an enthralling experience!

Zip line


Want to feel clouds looming all overyou? Want to see the Jaipur’s view from the above?

Well, then climb onto that zip line and zoom away into paradise.



Archery is a popular and an enjoyable sport with professional archery kit on a target 20 feet away.

With their professional guidance and a provision of six arrows to begin with, it’s an amazing opportunity to test your focus and interest in the game.

 Mini golf 


Have an amazingexperience with this 6-holes long, stretched field for all the golf lovers who jump in glee with this excitement to play in that beautiful field with their prolonged concentration.

Remote control cars


Enjoy these machine operated cars which swivel and turn with these amazing turns and render you with happiness and joyous laughter as all the age-groups come together and have fun!

Tao experiences provides two types of cars –

  • Battery operated
  • Nitro fueled

Bungee elastic run


This is a weirdly amazing sport where you would be tied to a rope and you have to run away as fast as you could, pulling the string as far as you can!

It’s like “catch me if you can “kind of game where you have to fight with the rope and just run!

 Video gaming


With its amazing digital amicability and big screens with HD projection, you are in for some amazing fun!

 Land zorbing


Want to roll around with your partner and see the world go round and round?

Well then get into this 12 ft. diameter zorb ball and get rolling!

Cricket bowling machine and robot


Everyone loves cricket! Tao experiences, Jaipur provides you with an amazing opportunity to revisit your childhood and fulfill your cricket fantasies with an amazing provision of cricket equipments and also a robot to bowl to the speed of 170 mph, with all its swings and spins.

And many more…

  • Paint ball
  • Quad biking
  • Karaoke
  • Kids play area
  • Music jamming
  • Swimming and Jacuzzi
  • Rock climbing and rappelling
  • The restaurant and Tao deck
  • Movie screenings

Address: Kacherawala, Near Tree Of Life Resort, Delhi Highway, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303101

Phone: 09314345345

Hours:  9AM–10PM

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