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Shobha Yarta from Moti Dungri Temple – Jaipur

Another day when the world witnessed the rich colors of the pinkcity, Jaipur.

On the very next day after the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the Shobha yatra was organized in the city, started from Mooti Doongri temple at around 4:00 PM and went upto Garh Ganesh temple at 1:00 AM midnight. As the metro work is in progress at Badi Chaupar, Shobha Yatra got diverted through Johri bazaar, which happened for the first time in last 31 years. The shobha yatra had around 80 tableaus (jhankhis) accompanied by horses, camels, elephants, music band and Rajasthani folk dancers. The festival will last for 10 days in the city.

Jaipurtalks, the blog of Jaipur brings you the exclusive glimpse of the same :)

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The gajraaj (elephant) are waiting to start
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The excitement of the City !
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The various tableau of Lord Ganesha
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The almighty Lord Shiva’s tableau
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Lord Ganesha worshiping Lord Shiva
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Shobha Yatra crossing the city
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Artist portraying lord Ganesha
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Another beautiful tableau during the yatra
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The band and the local artist made it entertaining
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The young performer was getting all due attention


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