93.5 RED FM Bajaate raho!

India’s largest & most awarded radio network 93.5 RED FM Bajaate raho!

Red FM is an Indian FM radio brand, with stations broadcasting at the frequency 93.5 megahertz in the cities of Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Indore in addition to Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Saugor, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Gulbarga, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Kannur, Kanpur, Kozhikode, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Warangal, Rajahmundry, Tirupathi, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Lucknow, Aizawl. Allahabad, Varanasi, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar, Asansol, Siliguri, Gangtok, Guwahati and Shillong. It was launched in 2002, playing a mix of Hindi and English songs. However, the programming is now 100% exclusively Hindi.Their punch line is Bajaate Raho‘ (Keep Playing). The most widely broadcast shows include “Morning No.1″ by RJ Kaavya, Mid-Day Masala by RJ Shivangi, Adda by RJ Ankush and U- Turn by RJ Ravindra.

RJ Abhi (Morning No. 1 – 07 AM – 11 AM Monday to Saturday)


RJ Abhi A young youthful jock to make your mornings fun and energetic every day! Tune into Morning No #1 everyday between 7-11 am to catch all the madness happening in the pink city. From Politics to Bollywood RJ Abhi brings to you news and views from around the world with a fresh new perspective! RJ Abhi (Abhinandan Singh in real life) comes from Chandigarh. Belongs to a family of Media Personnel, he decided at a very young age that he has talent and aptitude of speaking good and therefore even if he is an Electronic Engineer by qualification, He decided to go ahead with RJing. He is one of the freshest voices Rajasthan Market has observed. He is a straight forward, knowledgeable and highly skilled person. Known to possess great speaking skills, he has a great rapport with local authorities and knows the ins and outs of the town even when he is not from Jaipur. Every morning  Jaipurites wake up to the most booming and highly energetic voice on Radio – To RJ Abhi. RJ Abhi in true sense is ‘Launda Kadak, jo Dega Patak’ Highly observant and very funny. He knows how to pinch an issue’s nerve and come out, a winner.

Show Morning No. 1 is about serving the most exclusive content to Jaipurites. Be it the most khatarnaak news to doing extreme sting operations. Morning No. 1 brings it all. Be it public issues, be it town management issues, be it national issues. RJ Abhi on RED FM’s Morning No. 1 aids to everything and everyone but with a Bajaate Raho Twist. Observation based, topically relevant, top on news and funny are words that are synonymous with Morning No. 1 Jaipur. Bajaate Raho for Jaipur is not only playing around with an issue, it is also about giving the people of Jaipur a new level to think and act upon. In truer sense, Jaipur no. 1 is the ‘Baap of All Morning shows in Jaipur’. Segments like Flush Hour with Bro Swami and AlarmKhor give people the energy and infotainment they’re looking for, first thing in the day.

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RJ RAVINDRA (U Turn – 05 PM – 09 PM Monday to Saturday)


RJ Ravindra with his show U Turn is a daily dose of entertainment for Jaipurites at the time when they return back to their home from office with a mental load…. So being a Radio Jockey he tries to be a routine entertainer for the listeners. Era of yelling RJs just giving you the information has gone, he believes that it’s the time to serve something different to your listener every time you speak on air, nothing could beat the feeling when an RJ makes people laugh with some of his Desi connective punches over his topicality, along with sarcasm. People listen to him not just for some news or information but for some entertainment as well. He works with the formula of expression + Desi attitude + entertainment = Bajate Raho.

Show U Turn is about serving some funny news, local content, infotainment and interacting with the listeners over phone or on ground. Show also includes raising social issues but in a different style. Some segments of the show are “Punchanama” concept and Tehkikaat wherein we find out the real truth related the most off centered and funny news. Show is famous for funny calls and interviews among the fans plus a song parody concept called Janta Qawalli is very famous amongst the Local Janta. Toh Bhaiya!! Bajao Ghanta, RED FM Pe RJ Ravindra ke sath U Turn Lagate raho aur RED FM bajaate Ragho.


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RJ ANKUSH (RED FM KA ADDA – 2 PM – 5 PM Monday to Saturday)


LAALEY DI JAAN ” are the most awaited words on air, with an increasing listenership of numerous audiences in culture rich and beautiful Pink City, show hosted by RJ Ankush is gaining much deserved popularity among the youngsters and ones young at heart.
Known as one of the original shock-jocks, the man (lala) himself from the “laaley ki jaan” RJ Ankush’ created a new archetype in the radio entertainment and captured thousands of fans.

Bhopapanti is a funny and sarcastic way to bring in the nicest content plus RJ Ankush is great at on ground activities, having featured on Desert Storm rally in 2016, Ankush is said to be the craziest, funniest, maddest jock, which the college crowd loves to listen every afternoon 2-5 PM.

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RJ Shivangi (Mid Day Masala – 11 PM – 2 PM Monday to Saturday)


Regular Girl next door from Jaipur who seems to be like any other girl but when she comes on air bursts like an atom bomb. The newest member to the RED FM Family does Midday Masala with a funny twist to all thing related to ladies. Ziddi hai, Nautanki hai and dramebaaz bhi. Shivangi se bachke rehna uski zidd kea age kisi ki nahi chalti. She’s the perfect example of Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka. Shivangi hosts MidDay Masala where you get the all latest news from the world which has made a unique headline, which cater to the creative and off beat crowd. Bollywood se Pyar hai itna ki apne listeners ko bhi Prizes Lapak lene ka mauka deti hai. Catch Shivangi every Mid-Morning between 11-02 PM on 93.5 RED FM.

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