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Ready for a takeoff – Jaipur wanderlust!

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A traveler sees the world like a wonderland which is filled with stars and moons, Alladin lamps and magic wands and wake up every day thinking that everything would turn into something magical with a puff of smoke!

But there’s a difference between a traveler and an explorer? An explorer is the one who take life as a journey, wake up every morning with the view of the mountain and the rising suns, jumps city to city like a bee wandering over a flower and doesn’t rest till he has explored every color in the rainbow!

So if you call yourself an explorer, a wanderer or a traveler, you should try the balloon safari in Jaipur, which would be like a new adventurous chapter in your life.

So the ones who has an adventurous soul, jump in these hot-air balloon baskets and get ready to puffed up like a smoke into the air , take a flight, spread your wings and shine like a star , up there in the sky and shout to the world.

Here, Jaipurtalks brings to you the reasons why one shouldn’t miss this balloon safari!

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   1.    Get Set Go!

It’s not like any other adventure, it’s different!

Different from paragliding, bungee jumping and river-rafting, the balloon safari makes you rise with every passing beat, lulls your heart and your eyes freeze on the beautiful scene laid before you!

One is stunned to gaze at the splits of various shades of yellow-orange sky , the terrains to fall in love with , the beautiful range of hills and all those hidden unexplored-jewels which still was unseen by you and just takes your breath away with its mystical beauty and amazing grandeur.

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   2.   It can be a Romantic Getaway!

If anyone has watched “The Ugly Truth” movie, one would get a gist what I am talking about?

The privacy, the idleness of the clear blue sky surrounding you, the gushing winds just sweeping you both away in a love tirade with view of endless mountains and seamless clouds spinning you both in a fairytale.

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   3.   Make it first on your bucket list!!!

Instead of getting lost in a jungle safari or else jumping from heights , let’s go for something which gives you an high and at the same time keeps you grounded with its smooth and chilling ride!

With the first short blasts’ of burners you would be suspended into the air, with a gush of joy and tranquility.

One could see the excitement crawling up on your skin in the shape of goosebumps, deranging your heart into a minx!

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   4.   “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

It’s an adventure, where the balloon basket would wander you to different places and at different altitude all depending on the weather conditions which would result in, you landing on totally different place from where you took off!

This gives you a certain thrill of excitement and pamper you with different locations.

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   5.   It’s an Edge of Paradise!

The best way to get a “view from the top”, is to hop onto that marvelous basket (like the magic carpet in alladin) and just go popping clouds on the way through up in the sky.

It brings immense peace and ease to be amongst the white clouds like wrapped in the arms of a mother. It is like paradise after all!!!



Organizer: Sky Waltz Balloon Safari – India’s first fully licensed and government approved commercial hot air balloon operation.

Time setup: about 60 minutes (according to the weather conditions)

Address:  SkyWaltz Haveli, Behind Modi Farm House, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303101

Phone: 1800 103 8839


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