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Rags to riches: A Jaipur auto-driver turned into a pretty good hotelier !

hathroi palace_jaipurtalks (2)

दिलों में तुम अपनी बेताबियाँ लेके चल रहे हो, तो ज़िंदा हो तुम,
नज़र में ख्वाबों की बिजलियाँ लेके चल रहे हो, तो ज़िंदा हो तुम,

हवा के  झोकों के जैसे आज़ाद रहना सीखो
तुम एक दरियाँ के जैसे लहरों में बहना सीखो
हर एक लम्हें से तुम मिलो खोले अपनी बाहें
हर एक पल एक नया समा देखे यह निगाहें

जो अपनी आँखों में हैरानियाँ लेके चल रहे हो, तो ज़िंदा हो तुम
दिलों में तुम अपनी बेताबियाँ लेके चल रहे हो, तो ज़िंदा हो तुम

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     2.   Ajeet- an inspiring Jaipur boy!

As goes the famous poem from the movie “zindagi na milgei doobara”, happens to be a great way to exemplify the amazing enthusiasm and strong determination of a simple Jaipur man who lives in a remote corner of Jaipur,
with big dreams of becoming an hotelier.

      3.  Zindagi Asaan Nahi Hain …

Ajeet took after his father after his paralysis, unfortunately left his studies to work day and night as an auto driver. Ajeet, pressured under the responsibility to support an ailing father and a young brother, his zeal and “do or die” attitude made him earn inexplicably, as he started driving auto around the clock.

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    4.     His journey…

His 1st day, he earned 450rs and became excited by the thought that he would be able to support his family. In 2011, he took his 12th board exams but voluntarily left the studies after that! He drove almost from 2003-11.

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5.    An IDEA that can change your life!

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

Well, our Jaipur boy had the same amazing idea of owning a hotel one day. Due to his interpersonal skills and contacts with foreign tourists, he was able to turn that idea into reality!

One of his friends, offered him the partnership in his own hotel, but after 2 months, the deal couldn’t work out that well!


That was the time, when he came up with the idea of a start-up!

But the biggest question arises is: Investment.

He somehow managed to take an old hotel on lease from his savings and some borrowings. But the hotel was not in a good shape !

Initially, he decided to give that hotel a unique makeover, so he called in his interior-designer friend, who has been his valued-customer as well, Swati koshal.

The kind lady, didn’t even charge a penny seeing his honest work ethic and audacity to do something different in spite of his circumstances!

Ajeet was successful in giving the hotel a totally fresh look with his creativity and innovational skills!

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6.    Great things to learn!

His sole aim in life: To prove himself and face the challenges with a happy face.

His strength: Smile in every possible condition.

The most striking thing about his hotel: His warm and dedicated team of staff, homely environment and the rich ambience which every guest member just happens to find amazing! They all stay like a family, cook together, eat tighter and laugh together!


How does he gets his customer: His customers from his auto-driving time and some repeated customers who happens to be regular!


Message for the youth of Jaipur: You live once, so live like it’s your last day. Keep doing what you love, then every paycheck would be a BONUS!


His hotel name: Hathroi palace, Gopal Bari, Jaipur.

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