Meet the young YOUTUBER of the town-Jeet Shastri [4 in 1]

Being able to work on something you are passionate about and work from home and be financially independent, take care of family and also be famous. Does this sound too good to be true, well here is the story of a Youngster who does exactly this and is super successful at it. Meet a YouTube Entertainer, the local boy of the town, Jeet Shastri.

Jeet started dabbling with the idea of making entertaining Videos for almost a year back. He started with making small mobile video initially, which were appreciated by friends, family members and his near social circle. Post which, Jeet decided to give it a professional touch and launched the Youtube channel Jeet Ki Whisky.

And, by catching up in conversation with Jeet, Jaipurtalks got to know much interesting stuff related to videos, youtube channel script writing and its hurdles.

How does the idea of Youtuber stuck to your mind ?

Since childhood I was fond of acting, drama, imitating some characters, which got very strong while I was in Mumbai for 2 years. Fortunately while my stay in Mumbai I got a chance to work in a short movie named LAST NIGHT, which nourish my acting skills and got in-depth knowledge about Youtubechannels and their earnings associated with it. After getting back to Jaipur I decided to launch my channel by the name Jeet Ki Whisky.


What was the initial reaction of your family after watching your first video ?

My family was not aware about this channel as I used to shoot during the mid night once all my family members used to sleep, but after launching my first video they got to know about it through my cousins, I was very scared getting back home that day but after a small discussion everything got settled down and now everyone support me which really helps me on focusing my work.

What is your team size now ?

I work with a small team of just 4 people where in I handle acting, script, direction and editing part and my other teammates are Anshul who provide background music and Vatsal Verma is the DOP (Director of Photography). It takes around a week’s time to shoot a small 4-5 minutes video including script, shoot, background music and editing.

How do you keep yourself fit ?


People often compare me with Shahid Kapoor and even I am also influenced with his personality, so I never miss out my regular routine of Jogging in the morning and Yoga and exercising at least thrice a week under the guidance of my Fitness Trainer, Kailash Kumar. I am a deep follower of Ayurveda, as my father is a strong believer of Ayurveda. Zero intakes of steroids and any other type of supplements, as I believe that hard work only pays in the long run.

What are your future plans?

I am looking forward to 1 lac subscribers for my YouTube channel in next one year with around 50 new videos plus we are coming up with new Web series in next months which will be big surprised for the audience.

 Who all supported you in the Journey so far?

My mentor and my guru, music director (Ek Paheli Leela,, Mannal Munjal, a renowned name in the music industry, has helped me lot at various stages. He helped me in composing the signature tone of Jeet Ki Whisky. Initially I kept the name of the my channel as Jeet Ki Wines but one of my cousin suggested me to keep it Jeet Ki Whisky which I agreed to it later.


That’s incredible!!! All we can say is  “ Suno Dil ki aur karo Mann ki” aur phir life me risk to Superman ko bhi leni padti hai ;)

Check out his latest video :)

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