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Maharani Gayatri Devi- without whom the story of Jaipur cannot be narrated …

“A woman who wore her Invisible crown wherever she went”

Ten “laws of royalty”, you can learn from the princess who taught us how to drape a sari, to echo those bubbling bubbles of champagne and to be a warrior and a “ray of sophistication” when needed!

1.    “ Love yourself! “
As a little girl, Rajmata had her own fears.She used to sit for hours in front of the mirror, staring at her plain face and think of all ways she can be like those beautiful girls out there!
When her insecurities about her plain self-tampered her with anxieties and left her depressed, her mother came like a “ray of sun shine” to her and said some beautiful words which made her realize her self-worth and that no matter what, everyone is beautiful.
From that day on, Maharani swivels ahead in her life with her head held high.

2.    She was not just a girl, but she was like a MAN in disguise of a beautiful lady

The Rajmata of jaipur’s life was not only to be restricted to the silky chiffons, trendy hairstyles or dove pearls. She was as comfortable and radiant wrapped in sari or be it a body-tight slacks for playing polo.

She is the woman who has a history in shooting her first panther at an early age of 12 and also won a seat in the parliament of India to the astonishment of all and John F. Kennedy in particular, who was rather astonished of her winning the majority of the votes in the parliament.



She was a reckoning force disguised in sophistication that appeared to handle the delicate pearls as good as the reins of horses, loved fiercely despite knowing that Maharaja Man Singh, already married twice and slackened her life in prison without any fears.

3.    Love has no foundations; it’s limitless

3. love
Despite knowing that the MAN she loved, was already married twice. But her love saw no boundaries made by the country.
She followed her heart and braced every situation which came as a hindrance in their holy ties of marriage and love.

4.    She was a woman of substance and beauty

Every little girl dreams of becoming a beautiful, graceful and sophisticated lady, just as the great Maharani Gayatri Devi.

To the information of all, the great Rajmata was elected as one of the most beautiful woman.
Apart from being the Queen of Jaipur, she is like the queen of hearts for all the men out there.

5.    Beauty with Brains…

Constantly wining the elections and apart from splendid style and panache, she opened a legendary school only for girl’s education that time ( Maharani Gayatri Devi School ),which propelled to challenge the adversities and dogmatic behavior of people for women education.
A strong believer of educational morals, the Rajmata took several steps to empower women education and better life.
She was herself a devotional disciple of the great Rabindranath Tagore at Gurukul.

She was the first lady to be successful in abolishing the purdah system which shielded the women away from their own potential and capabilities to outshine in the world and to do something for their own county.

6.   ” A friend in need, is a friend in deed ”

Apart from her rivalry issues in relation to political scenery with the late Indira Gandhi who has been her best friend and schoolmate, Rajmata was always beside her friend, even at Sanjay Gandhi’s funeral, religiously adhering to the songs of friendship, which they once sung together in life.

7.    Has always been a devotional wife

Once, in the time of India-Pakistan partition, her husband, Sawai Man Singh quoted the world that, “No Muslim shall ever leave Jaipur! They’re like hair on my chest”.
From then onward, Maharani religiously followed the respect and severity of her husband’s statement and treated every Muslim and Hindus like her own kinds, her own being and blood.

8.    Fight for justice

Due to the declaration of national emergency, Gayatri Devi was sent to jail with her stepson under the allegations of breaking the tax laws. After she was released, she made it an aim of improving the conditions of the people who were in jail with her.

9.    Teachings of Rabindranath Tagore

Following the teachings of the great Indian port, “Rabindranath Tagore”, Maharani of Jaipur was always morally-upright, a harbinger of truth and prosperity and a true believer in spirituality and religion. Thus apart from her fearless nature, beautify and style, she was a strong woman in the face of this compelling society.

10.    Learn to walk like her

Apart from her style, morals and life ethics, Rajmata was really well mannered with her subtle soft voice with which she used to address everyone from the ranks of lower to the upper strata of the society and the grace with which she talks, sits and stand in the crowd, always used to outshine her like a diamond.

A small tribute to Maharani Gayatri Devi

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