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Magicians or Hypnotizers…? Snake charmers in Jaipur

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We all have encountered the coquettish snake charmers with a long flute in their hands, playing for the dangerous-looking snakes to dance on their tunes. As weird as it may be, but we all seemed to dance in excitement, just at the sight of seeing a hilariously dangerous and atrociously cunning animals, submissively dancing in a trance to the tunes of the snake charmer. Isn’t it amazing?

Well here we come down to some hilarious and mind blowing facts about this art or whatever you like to call it, “snake charming “!

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1. Agree or not, they are melodious players!

Don’t know about the snake, but a sane person would be seen tapping his foot to the amazing Rajasthani tunes, theses charmers play!

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2. Kalbelia – the snake charmer caste!

These snake charmer take pride in naming themselves the great kalbelia clan, which dates back to centuries, when they used this as an art of earning money and attracting people.

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3. The poongi- the flute

The kalbelias use traditional flutes called “pungi”, to charm or defang the snakes into their spell, and the snakes hop and wave around in the basket in which the kalbelias carry with them around.

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4. Not venomous anymore!

You’ll be astonished to know, that to prevent people from the snake’s vicious and venomous bite, many snake charmers tend to remove the creature’s venom glands or fangs or even sewing the snake’s mouth shut.

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5. A snake has no ear!

Another striking thing, the snakes lacks an outer ear which disables them to hear the sound of the flute, although they can sense the sound. So, in that case, the snake follows the poongi’s (flute) directions and think of it as a predator or a threat and challenges it in return!

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6. Catch it!

The snake charmers seem to catch the snakes from the jungles of the northeast region and train them smartly.

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7. Pythons and cobras top the charts!

Commonly, the snake charmers uses harmless breed in snakes like pythons, various kinds of cobras, and also vipers.

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8.  A magician or a hypnotizer ?

Snakes charmers, also called “Saperas” call themselves magicians and healers as they have certain remedies to counter a snake’s bite as seen in many Indian films. Also, they do have certain notions to be used for bad cold and also pest-control!


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9. Acts as a big tourist attraction!

Snake charming is an interesting activity which is considered in high regards in Rajasthani culture along with folk dances, holy temples and puppet shows.

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10. An art!

Snake charming is more of an art than a mere profession!

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