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Inspiring Story – a single decision made him what he is today…Content!

Not so dramatic but the story of this Jaipur lad can make you think twice. If you would have taken right decisions at right time, life would have been a bit different.

On his visit to India, when he was in Jaipur at Global Reach,the International Student Recruitment Partner, counseling student for education and opportunities in Australia, Jaipurtalks got a chance to interact with him; he narrated his journey of being content.

The smile says it all….

Born in Kota, Rajasthan, Ravi Daga, was like many other students who continuously seek for the right path to shape up their career. After passing the school from Maheswari Public School, Jaipur and then completing his graduation in commerce from Commerce College, there was a period of 3 years when he was clueless about what he wanted to do in his life. He did some several training & courses but was not getting it right.

His family was very adamant towards sending him abroad for his higher education. He was looking for options to study in USA initially but was not willing to undergo the screening via various tests to qualify. It happened by chance that one day looking into a newspaper advertisement; Ravi thought to meet an education consultant for Australian education, he was very much convinced by the advanced and practical education system of Australia.

In the year 2000, when internet was not that easily available as it is now, it was a big decision for him as he was entering into a whole new system. The very 1st day when he went to the University, it was a day full of excitement, anxiety, sadness and loneliness and many other emotion coming together. He was very fascinated by the location and the quality program which he chose to pursue, the graduate diploma in information systems and then the masters in the same field. Her mother was the main motivating factor for him to study and complete the entire program.

Gradually he started liking the quality and the simplicity of life which Australia was offering to him. After completing the masters he then applied for his Permanent Residency too. He then got the opportunity to work with the Wollongong University in their business center as an administrative officer. It’s been 13 years for him that he is serving the same institute and now he is the International Manager for faculty of Science and Medicine.

Students interacting with Ravi at Global Reach Jaipur

The fundamental difference which now makes him separate from his peers with whom he did his schooling or graduation is the approach towards the life and the appreciation of human life which he never experienced before going to Australia. He told us that the dignity of labour in Australia which he experienced there, made him thank the hard work his parents did to give him such a platform. He tries to teach the same basic to his kids that nothing in life is for granted.  The entire journey taught him how to be content with the available resources.

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