Heart touching Story of Hemlata- 1st Lady Auto driver of Jaipur

We feel immensely proud to be a part of the city, Jaipur, where woman like Hemlata is fighting with the merciless man driven society.

Salute to Hemlata and to every such woman who are determined to get what they want!

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  • This article is about the GIRL who showed everyone that women are not beneath anyone.
  •  The GIRL spread like a rapid fire, making everyone who tried to stop her burst into flames.
  •  The ferocious GIRL with her strong determination and confidence has taught a great lesson to every girl in the society to be fearless and positive.

Let’s travel the road to her painstaking journey, where she falls many a times, in order to stand up like a warrior again.

The small town girl with BIG dreams

Set back in Agra, where Hemlata’s father supported the family by putting a chaat-stall and her mother taught sewing to about 200 girls.Then one day, due to her Chacha’s son’s eve-teasing to the girls who used to come for sewing, both the family had a very nasty quarrel, due to which Hemlata’s family shifted to Jaipur.

You can achieve anything!

A 10 year old Hemlata supported her mother in her garment export house. Later, from the money saved, Hemlata joined a dance class as she had this huge interest in dancing.Finally sun chose to shine on Hemlata and she got a chance in Ghoomar Camp by Veena Cassettes. For every show, she was getting Rs. 500 paid.

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Because of her hard work and beautiful talent, Dr. Roop Shekhawat who offered her free assistance to get enrolled in B.A. Kathak and also helped her with getting a diploma from SMS Music College.

Her married life

It was a simple marriage which turned into a living disaster for her, when she got pregnant and asked for dowry by her in-laws.

To which, Hemlata’s father was unable to give anything, which made poor Hemlata thrown out of the house with her child. Even her own husband abandoned her. She came back to her parent’s house.

When there was no resort, she took up auto-driving

When every other door closed on her face, even her small dancing shows, she came across her brother’s auto driving. It seem quite an impressive profession to her and so one day , she stole his auto and went on driving it around until she came across her first customer who offered to pay her Rs. 70 . This made Hemlata filled with a sense of absolute happiness and positivity that finally she can support her family.

She convinced her father to let her drive in the early morning hours from 4am to 10am, just when her brother isn’t driving the auto.

But, unfortunately one day she damaged the auto in an accident which made her brother deny her any further help.

No matter what, life goes on!

She applied in many banks to issue her loan to buy herself a new auto but no one obliged. Then, finally one day she happened to walk into AU finance, whose manager obliged to lend her the money.

This made her decision stronger to move fearlessly.

When life throw lemons at you, be ready to make delicious lemonade!

No matter how much anyone tries, nothing goes according to the plan!  So in that case, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst!

Same goes with this fearless girl Hemlata, who started driving auto around the city, selecting her customers carefully so that not to invite any kind of troubles but she was like a trouble-magnate in this city which is still dominated by men. Ruthless and insensitive men who roams around the roads of city like they have the authority to act as wildly and animalistic as they feel like.

These men who act like Talibanies, got their manly egos hurt by watching delightful smiles and exorbitant fares Hemlata was stealing from them, which infuriated them to the extent that they started assaulting her physically as well as mentally.

हिम्मत-ए-मर्दा तो मदद-ए-खुदा …

But the brave poor girl who has to support her only son and 80-year old parents, she was left with only two options, either to ignore or to react.

And she chose ignorance till the abusive language, their cold hearted violence and oppressive activities reached up the saturation point.

These people used every resort to make her quit like punctured her tires, abused her and break her auto.

May 2015, was the time when it all got very serious!

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A fellow auto driver had beaten her mercilessly and even torn her clothes because she chose to reply back to an abusive slang passed to her sexuality. She went to Jaipur railway police to file a complaint but of course, the woman being taken as a submissive class in the society, the complaint didn’t got registered.

ज़िंदा है वो जिनमें हालात बदलने की हिम्मत है …

She went to CM’s office and Mahila ayog.

Later, JRP registered her complaint. But that didn’t made those men budge who are still roaming the city like free birds.

These male beasts carried on pestering the woman by even following her back home which made her shift to her parent’s house.

Her first and the only concern was her small son “Dev”, to whom she didn’t want any harm to come!

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 खूब लड़ी मर्दानी वो तो झाँसी वाली रानी थी …

Her unshakable courage and strong determination made her spread her wings like a free bird,  ignoring the cheap mentality of her male automates and her poor financial conditions.She preferred foreign customers because of their soft nature and they too appreciated her strong demeanor.She loves Jaipur city unconditionally and feel immense proud and happiness to show everyone around.

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गर्व है मुझे अपने औरत होने पर…

This interview was an example of the oppressive conditions of todays’ women who suffer and struggle, fight their own battles and come out as true warriors with their swords as their smart mouth and unshakable courage.

If the men are like this in real world, then I think everyone would want to be born as a girl, in every lifetime!

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