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Guru Ho ja Shuru-15 ways to re-energize yourself for the upcoming board Exams !!!

The famous song in the movieTareeZameen Par, where it was shown how a small kid was demoralized and totally battered by her parent’s overbearing expectations with the kid who hasn’t even reached his puberty,was forced to dream on becoming some hotshot engineer or doctor and mint money all his life.


These days everyone wakes upwith the “tweeting” notifications of watsapp instead of the tweaking of the birds and sleep with a pair of earphone tucked into their ears! How natural we are getting!

Our days which are pre-marked on calendar, we seldom have time to sit for a while and relax, or stare at the moon and night sky or else hear the birds chirping or the least get some fresh air!

That’s the very reason that here is a dearth of depressed people and the reason of high death rates is loneliness and depression.

Right now, a huge part of Jaipur is suffering from a board- fever and the symptoms are observed like rising stress, excessive mood swings, dramatic and impulsive outbursts, all-the-time feeling hungry, insomnia and many more which would at least take quite a while to numerate!


But as said by Rabindranath Tagore in his famous poem, “where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high “.

It’s correct actually! just  like in yoga , they make you do those breathing exercises and tell you to inhale the fresh oxygen and then hold it there for a second, let it reach all your organs and revitalize them and then exhale all the stress out! And it actually works wonders to make you relaxed and gain your energy back!

For a while, just imagine Jaipurtalks as your Ginie of the Aladdin’s lamp or the magic carpet which would take you to the list of magical tricks which would help you gain that spunk and spark back!!!

1.   Eke jaadu Ki jhappi ho jaaye!


Free hugs are great! They are like the best stress relievers. Hugy our friend, hug your parents, and hug any stranger walking by and just smile! You’ll feel like the life is poured back into you!

2.   A sip of coffee is very healthy!


Caffeine is a magical element which gets your heart beating again like a horse and you are back on your track to work more and more!

3.   Chal waha jaate hain!

a long drive

A long drive, anywhere and anytime, just to get some fresh air and get your blood cells running with extra once of energy!

4.   Dance pe chance maar le!


Dance is like the best exercise to loosen that stiffness in your body and to shoot some life into that limp body of yours to get it energetic again!

5.   Teri atrangi yaari


Its provenby a national survey, that friends are the best stress relievers. Call an old friend or go meet your friends and talk to them, laugh with them, bring back those old stories of your friendship and you will see in just few moments, you are back to your old self!

6.   Cheers!


A little bit of alcohol in your system just reenergize you for the better!

7.   Food music and some good vibes!

food mucis klaughter

Go to a lounge where they serve the best food and drinks and they have got that soft rock music going in the background. It would work wonders for you!

8.   Let’s play!

games on phone

The mobile games gathers all your scattered concentration and “focuses” it on that fun game which you are so eagerly playing. It actually helps you increase your concentration and makes your mood lighter after that heavy dose of study.

9.   Kiss is the new bliss!


According to a national survey, kissing is like that charger for life. It increases your metabolism rates, releases tension and reduces negative energy which bottles up with excessive hours of constant studies.

10.   Pinterest


The famous and nationally and internationally acclaimed application, which is easily available and free of cost, is a great way to indulge yourself for a few minutes in its world of fantasy and beauty.

Pinterest is like a gateway to creative pictures ranging from universal topics like architecture, fine arts, food, travel and many more which actually covers all your passion and impulsive desires.

11.   Let’s relax!


For relaxation, one thing which wins maximum votes is massage. Imagine yourself, laying on your back with a lavender aroma surrounding you and two hands working on your back muscles and shoulder blades, relaxing your stiffness and tautness. It’s amazing,right?

12.   Let’s doze off!!!


Taking a short nap in short intervals or thrice in a day, helps you gain that sorted energy of yours. You just close your eyes and your breathing goes slow for a while, lending you immense peace and calm.

13.   Pizza with your favorite chick flicks!


How about one of those chick flicks like “ Crazy Stupid Love “ movie or any romantic comedies with those crispy, extra cheese slices of pizzas which just vitalize you and puts a big smile across your face .

14.   Let’s go shopping!


Shopping is considered another way to release mental stress! Many call it retail therapy, but normally, shopping is just simple fun and a treat of happiness!

15.   Let’s grab an ice-cream!


I want, you want, we all want an ice-cream………. :)

That’s the slogan, we all kind-off recite when we enter the ice-cream store. Ice-cream and chocolates work great wonders in releasing that stress and also puts you into a great-jolly mood. It puts you into great spirits and you are seen smiling without any sordid reason!



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