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DHub Bar Exchange Jaipur

Jaipur’s first Bar Exchange is Opening on 17th Aug 17, one of the most popular theme concept in Metro cities in India,wherein you can enjoy yours drinks and trade in them at the same time ranging from spirits, beers and wines. Prices keeps on fluctuating which you can see on the screen displayed all over the out,which is controlled by software and there is no human intervention involved.

Along with the drinks cooked under the guidance of trained Chef, ranging from Indian,Chinese and Italian and Continental are USPs. The outlet offers you Open Space at roof top along with discotheque. The owners Mr.Bunty,Jackie and Ashwin already have the experience of running sports club in Kolkata and this is their third outlet in Jaipur.


Address : 5th floor, Hotel Mango, Govind Marg ,Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur

Call : 083349 85489

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Prices on Screen
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Roof Top
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Roof Top Pool
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Signature Entrance

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