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City of Brightness “Abhaneri”- a City or a Myth

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Chand Baori, Abhaneri


A beautiful city, just situated 95kms away from Jaipur, is a city of monumental temples, caricatured designs, rhythmical myths, conventional stories and deranged architecture.

The village is said to have been founded by the legendary king Raja Chand and thus the village could be over three thousand years old.

Abhaneri was originally named as “Abha Nagri “, known as “city of brightness”, which implies the token of happiness and gaiety.

The major striking feature of Abhaneri is the ‘steps-walls’ which is called by the name “baoris”, which were constructed keeping in mind the noblest cause of collecting rain-water ,later these water-resources were served as great water-canals and the cool places for retreat.

It enshrined upon the possibility of conserving the most used natural resource, in a dry ‘n’ hot place like Rajasthan, which called upon many great people to give their contributions. Amongst these boaris, Chand Boari is the most famous well, as it’s one of the largest and the deepest well in India.

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Harshat Mata Idol

The radiant city is a pinnacle of many attractive temples as well. The Harshat Mata temple dates back to the tenth century AD where the holy goddess Harshat Mata, is shown portrayed in a joyous mood and spreads brightness or abha all around. Just in front of the temple, the beautiful Chand Boari is constructed, made with a flight of stairs on three sides.

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This small village which is, unfortunately in ruins with its debarred architecture and broken sides of the holy temple, still it holds the people’s attraction with its jubilant 3-days festival, held for boasting the holiness of the great temple and the grandeurs of the wells constructed a long time ago.

The city is also well-known for its many dance forms like

  1. Ghoomar
  2. Kalbelia
  3. Bhawai

These dance forms are prosperously rich in Rajasthani culture and is known to reflect the colossal of Rajasthani cultural and its potential beliefs.

Abhaneri is an old city with the grandeur truths studded in its historical monuments and holy temples, for which a curious traveler with the eyes for traditional art forms, old architectural designs and attractive exotic locations can unravel!

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Jaipurtalks, the blog for Jaipur, recommends this place to be explored on any of your weekend.

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