City based Jeweller-Motisons-Celebrates the legacy of Jaipur Jewellery this Diwali

What is it so special – about Jaipur that fills you with an otherworldly melancholy when you’re away for too long?

Colors! Vivid, bright and unique ones. The “gherua” on the walls appears, enhancing your imagination with a vintage filter, as you find yourself staring at an endless road from the cusp of Sanganeri Gate. This road takes you to the famous vestibule of Hawa Mahal, the concourse of recently resurrected JalMahal, Amber Fort and even Nahargarh, as part of, what would surely be, a topsy-turvy ride. However, you can’t possibly begin this ride without acknowledging, even admiring, the awesomeness of Johari Bazaar because that is where colors take shapes and structures, and wild dreams become unmistakably precious realities.

Making of the fine Jewellery

Jaipur’s Jewellery industry has built its legacy harnessing the tradition and values of the city, which it derives from the unflinched ambitions of its narrow streets, and is best observed in the eyes of young and hopeful karigars, gleaming with honesty and eagerness to ace their first batch of rough. Such are the standards for quality and dedication in this industry, set unanimously by every – big or small – Jeweller of the city, that it deserves a tribute.

This is why the world is crazy for Jaipur’s Jewellery

To celebrate this enigma – along with the festive fragrance of the city – Motisons brings you the untold story of Jaipur, its Jewellery and its people. Filmed by Universal Selective, the film beautifully takes you to the inside of Johari Bazaar’s immaculate craftsmanship & the aura of Jaipur’s jewellery showmanship that Motisons is an integral part of.

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