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Choose the right drink to make your date Perfect

Out on a date with the guy, who has finally got the courage to ask you out, after such a long wait? You are dressed in your best dress with the right attitude and the wit to charm the pants of this guy, who is seated across you, watching your every single move? The first thing which comes in your mind is, “what should I order? A beer would be too much! A wine would be too girly??”

 Jaipurtalks has come to your rescue with a list of drinks which would tell about your personality.

  1. Red wine wine

Red wine shouts the word” seduction”. Red wine shows that you are a perfect combination of ‘dirty fun and sweet talk’ kind of girl. You love appetizing conversations over being wrapped up in a blanket all day.

  1. Beer on the rocks!beer

Try ordering a beer and you would see guys drooling over your personality in just nano seconds. As every guy likes a girl who has the appetite of slogging beer and be good about it!

  1. Martinismartinis

Martinis are SEXY. But, if it’s your first date, you don’t want it to end so soon. But want it to last a little longer. So, order martinis only if you have a good appetite.

  1. Whiskeywhiskey

The moment a girl orders a whiskey, every head pops up with this smirk on their lips. Whiskey is for the hard drinkers and it’s pretty impressive you see a girl ordering this drink. 

  1. Let’s call it SHOTS!shots

Tequila or vodka shots, shots are always on the rocks!

Shots get you going, you feel like jumping into the air, air fisting and then rolling on the floor laughing on all poor jokes you crack! (Minus the rolling, that seldom happens on a first date!)

  1. Champagnechampagne

 If the date is going too well, and you seem to like the guy and you think that you are in a celebratory mood, then no drink is better than a champagne.

Order any drink, strong or light, shady or sweet, sexy or not-so-sexy, but be yourself. Be outright about your choices and go ahead, because anyone would prefer an original hard-drinker over a fake Cosmo-drinker!

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