Check what all can you enjoy in Pushkar Mela 2016

With the cool breeze of winters, tourist season has just started in Rajasthan, post Diwali celebrations, Rajasthan is all set to witness the 100 year old Pushkar Mela popular for its vibrant color, camels, horses, cattles and tourist .The Pushlar Mela is celebrated for five days from the Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima, the full moon day of Kartik (October–November) in Hindu calendar. The full moon day is the main day and according to the mythology when the Hindu god Brahma sprung up the Pushkar Lake, thus numerous people swim in its sacred waters.

Camels are the big attraction during the fest

This iconic fair attracts thousands of livestock and almost a million tourists including many from across the world. The USP of Pushkar temple resides in the fact that it has 2000 year old and one of the few scared temple dedicated to Lord Brahma.

This year it will be celebrated between 8-14 November 2016 with contest and live performance, following would be the activities that one can enjoy during these 7 days -:

  1. Photography contest
  2. Voice of Pushkar
  3. Harmony Half Marathaon
  4. Football Match
  5. Satolia Match
  6. Kabbadi Match
  7. Cricket Match
  8. Moustache Competition
  9. Turban Tying
  10. Mutka Race
  11. Musical Chair
  12. Bride & Groom Contest
  13. Tug of War
  14. Hot Air Balloon Ride
Kid imitating Lord Shiva

Following artist would be performing every evening at Mela Ground from 7:00 PM onwards- :

8th Nov- Advaita Live

9th Nov- Voice of Pushkar

10th Nov- Prem Joshua Live

11th Nov- IRFAN Live in a Studio Format

12th Nov- Harshdeep Kaur Live

Image source: Pushkarguide.com and Viren Photography

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