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An ideal start of the day

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Shehar (Old City) starts the day especially on Saturday and Tuesday by visiting this temple. Once you enter the temple you will get to know “WHY” it is so famous for. Statue of Lord Hanuman will compel you to stare at him and express yourself in front of him. The temple is famous for its unique color idol which is BLACK in color, generally red or orange otherwise. Temple is known to be around 1000 years old. It is especially famous for “Jhada (blessing in form of mantras)” and “Kala Dora (black String)” which is just to enhance your positivity of inner soul to fight against evil or negative energies.
Once you come out of the temple, you will be full of energy, positivity, lagega kisi ne Glucon-D pila dia.
This holds very famous place in Bollywood as well. Recently Ekta kapoor (Bollywood Film Producer) also took the privilege to come and take the blessing of lord hanuman.

How to reach: – The temple is situated on the HawaMahal road, chandi ki taksal, you can opt for city-bus, auto-rickshaw or your own vehicle.

Best time to visit: – You can visit the temple either early morning or late evening. As it is situated in the old city, you will be able to avoid traffic in both the slots.

A must visit place at least once in a month or as per the convenience.

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