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is a platform introduced by young and enthusiastic team of JAIPUR, to express and explore


. We connect you to the most happening news, reviews, issues, knowledge, travel experience, articles and

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which could help the city to move a step ahead.


The vision behind this professional

blog of jaipur

is to bring people of Jaipur under one roof to share and contribute their valuable thoughts and insights. JAIPURTALKS is not the voice of few people; it is the

blog of entire Jaipur

, by the people and for the people of Jaipur who want

to transcend its value online.


JAIPURTALKS is managed by its principal company NECTORWORKS, the website designing and promotional company which started its business in early 2012. The company holds a distinct mark in website designing and aim for giving maximum online visibility to small and large scale industries.

We are proud to introduce the team behind JAIPURTALKS.1

ASHUTOSH SHARMA:ashutosh Jaipurtalks

The back bone and the master mind behind JAIPURTALKS. The guy has evolved professionally by working with companies like RPG, FUTURE, APPLE and ESSAR GROUP. He is mad about clicking almost everything in his camera, though most of them do not make any sense, but yes… he is “THE CAPTAIN” of the team. The Jaipur borne chap is also a wonderful cook and most importantly he is always 25 as age is just a number for him (he he…)

VARSHA :Varsha Jaipurtalks

A dynamic, straight forward, innovative young lady from pink city is very positive towards the life. Based on her professional experience she is taking care of the operations of JAIPURTALKS ( JT ). A semi – blogger who’s creativity can be seen in the blogs. A lady cannot be defined without the word of “SHOPPING” as she is mad about shopping online.

AMBIKA :Ambika Jaipurtalks

The techy behind this blog, she is the one who has designed and maintains the blog’s functionality. Looking at her innocent face you cannot judge her technical skills and creativity. The Jaipur borne girl is a workaholic who loves listening to soft music. She is known as “AMBI” amongst her friends, and a person who is positive about every aspect of life

BRIGHU :Brighu jaipurtalks

A management graduate who believes in exploring the city to the deepest root possible. He is an active blogger with his unique writing skill and love for Jaipur. Taking care of marketing and finance, he aims at taking this blog to the level where it becomes the voice of Jaipur.

We invite everyone who is related, associated or love Jaipur to be a part of JAIPURTALKS ( JT ). We request you to share your views, ideas, experiences, feedbacks to be a part of this blog.

Write us at hello@jaipurtalks.com