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A stunning wall artist from jaipur – Mamta Singh

“लक्ष्य तो हर हाल में पाना है…

Such is the story of a young girl, dwindling between her hidden passions and parent’s demands, the girl is like a burning volcano, ready to erupt into many colossal colors…

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   1.   Live like there is no tomorrow

Mamta singh, born and brought up in Udaipur, has this livid curiosity to learn drawing. After her 12th std., she took up CA preparation. Her strong determination and bright mind, got her passed the very intricate-levels of CA and  brought her to Jaipur, for CA finals coaching.

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   2.   “Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing “!

Well, no matter what, one should follow his/her passion.

The normal lives , elaborated dreams, pouring expectations and sanctioned desires, gets one riled up and really distant from his passion, but clarity of thought and a strong determination helps one to follow that passion, no matter what !  

And this is what Mamta did…

Her passion of drawing pulled her towards searching for an Art institute in Jaipur, which made her land up at “Jaipur School of art”. She enrolled herself into the institute and paid the fees from the money she got from her father for her CA coaching.

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   3.   A small spark can start a great fire!

Her simple wish to learn drawing made her learn various forms of drawing structures or shapes, which is the basic step in drawing.   Also apart from the leaning at the institute, Mamta watched really nice and helpful videos on the internet, which were really descriptive and indulging and helped her spike that little “spark” of dream more, day after day.  Drawing came all natural to her, with her instincts and demeanor for art made her really superb into her work!

She was taught how to control her breathe to get the perfection in her drawings.

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   4.   An IDEA that changed her life

Just like gravity, that idea came to her when she was simply staring at the huge white wall, at her home in Jaipur.  The vast expanse of the white wall, made her yelp from her couch and she drew, whatever came to her mind.That was 2012, when she did her first wall-painting.After completing her drawing, her mouth turned into an upward curve like a rainbow stretching thought the sky.She was really happy with the outcome that came on the wall and used to stare it for hours.

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   5.   “One day you’ll just be a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one”.

Mamta made such huge bridges of success after her first success at the wall painting. She painted mugs and displayed them at Chaisa (café, Jaipur). Her every mug was sold for Rs. 250/- Chaisa is the café where Mamta watched those videos on art, thanks to the free WiFi.

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   6.   “Little girls with dreams become women with vision “

From a sweet little ambitious girl who had this knack for drawing became a beautiful and ferocious professional by following her dreams.

Mamta believed in herself enough to make her dreams come true. Later, when she was just having her tea with the Chaisa owner “Rahul”, he offered her to paint his café’s vacated plain-wall too. By seeing her passion and the pictures she showed of her first “wall art”, Rahul was really excited to get his wall painted by her! Mamta got her first paycheck for the passion she followed. She was paid a small amount for painting the wall at the café. The thought of taking up her first project and that too a ‘paid’ project was little terrifying and gut-wrenching. Her mind was numb for a moment, when the ‘massivity’ of the idea really hit her! The amazing thing was that, there was no pre-conceived ideas or rough sketches of what she was going to draw.  It was just her intuitions and instincts which took her to the final point.

She received a great appreciation for her work!

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7.   The girl is a prodigy!

After her first project, it was like there is no stopping! It was like someone has opened the tap, and the water is endlessly flowing out from it! 

Mamta got her second project after 6 months of the chaisa project. A chef at chaisa approached her to paint his wall at his home. And yet again, with her gut-feeling and creative instincts, the girl blossomed again with beautiful colors and amazing designs sprawled on the wall.

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   8. “Zindagi ka ye ghadha le
Ek saans mein chadha le
Hichkiyon mein kya hai marna!
Poora mar le…”

After her 2 projects, Mamta did many other projects…

  1. Brewberry in Rajapark- she painted a gate, a block and a wall.
  2. Brown sugar
  3. Marhaba café
  4. Honey dew café in sitapura
  5. Maven designer studio in Rajapark
  6. Dainik bhaskar offered her to do the street wall art at jawahar nagar , near the water tank
  7. She also painted at Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur through “”
  8. Mom’s Cafe

Also meanwhile when she was not getting any projects, she was able to complete her NET and became a lecturer too.

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    9.   Dil dhadkne do

Her inspiration: The artistic videos she watched on the internet and travelling.

The concept behind her “wall art”: Her natural instincts, She is a risk taker. She doesn’t plan, analyze or strategize anything on paper like other normal artists do. Rather her mind work differently. She is more on being a ‘natural’ and ‘going with a flow’ kind of artist. That’s what makes her different and “payable” too. People too love her ‘risk-taking’ nature and believe in her work. She is not the person to tie the wings of her “inner-artist” who is wrestling to get out!  Rather she let “little artist” spread its wings and fly off limitlessly.

 That’s where the simple paintings becomes an art.                     

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Her dream: Her dream is to perform on a stage where she wants to dance and paint simultaneously. She has absolutely no clue, about what she is going to paint there, but she is just going with her instinct again! She is even learning dance for fulfilling her crazy dream.

Her style of painting: She play with colors. She throws the colors miraculously on the canvas and let her inner artist takes forward from there.

The most interesting fact is that there is no FACT. It’s all natural and that’s what people and she herself is a little scared from.

But “being scared is the first step to success” and she has proved that!

The person as her shoulder to lean on: Her mother used to doubt her instincts by saying “Who pays you to just paint a ‘wall’ ? It is just unbelievable! “.  Well, her brother Virendra Singh, who is a literature student believed in her dreams and supported her from the beginning. Mamta admits that he is the motivation behind her every risk and aspirations.

Mamta is not just a painter:  Her father wants her to become a judge and so she is doing her LLb along with her wall art too.

A CA final drop out, who is a lecturer and is to pursue a LLB too and is an amazing and successful wall artist.

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Currently working at: she is working with “” as their creative head to promote art and artists.

Message for youth: Your time is limited, so live every day with the shine of your passion burning in your hearts.

“We’re here to put a dent on the universe, otherwise why else even be here?” As said by the great Steve Jobs and so does this inspiring story of Mamta says.

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