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7 ways to enjoy these showers in Jaipur

Jaipur is reeling with post monsoon beautiful, droplets of water which is sprinkling all over the big mass of the pink city, dripping it with the oodles of joy and happiness.If one feels like running with naked feet breathing in that rich-muddy smell or else going on a drive on that Airport road with winds washing over your face or else feel like enjoying the mountain top of Nargarh or else enriching your taste buds with delicious chaat at RajaPark, then it’s the best time to go out and have fun! Lets chill out with Jaipurtalks to enjoy this change of weather :)

1. The hot yummy Paneer Tikka

Revitalize your taste buds with the yummy and crispy paneer tikkas at Raja Park’s buzzing lanes and lighted environment. With the cool temperature, feel ecstatic with those hot tikkas!

2. Let’s go on a long drive!

long drive
The air which envelops you, excites you and fills you with a feeling of thrill and excitement and put an everlasting smile on your face, such is the joy of going on long drive in this kind of weather!

Try driving your car on the long stretched Airport Road and feel thrilled to no extent!

3. Ek Garam chai Ki pyali ho.. :P

ek garam chai ki pyaali
The hot inside liquid which squashes down your throat, warming you inside and leaves you so comfortable with a soothing feeling, such is the un-siesta with a cup of tea which unravels you totally.

4. Let’s get a little patriotic

If one wants to enjoy the flowing winds, the inspiring patriotic music playing in the background and that serene silence which envelopes the whole place just leaves you so content and happy,

5. Never miss the Statue circle’s coffee

cold coffee
No person can ever get bored with the taste of coffee and its delicious fragrance which fillsyour lungs and re-energies yoursystem!

Drive around the statue circle and park your car beside the line of street-vendors and coffee-shops which serves you with delicious bhelpuri and chana zorgaram!!!

6. An evening ride towards Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort
Let’s not forget the “gateway to heaven”, the long route to Nargarh Fort which is surrounded by green trees and thick bushes. One would be amazingly thrilled and amazed to see the whole view of the city, alighted and sparkling!

7. Let’s book a table at a roof-top restaurant


Let’s feel those winds overlapping you with open arms while you feed yourself to amazing delicacies at an open-air roof top restaurant.

Restaurants – Park prime roof top, Punjab da putter and many more are there.

Keep smiling and live every moment of your life…and Do whatever you want to do man…. ;) 

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