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Jaipur never fails to woo us when it comes to new places to explore. This city gives us some serious goals in discovering unexplored sites and hidden treasures. When some major wanderlust is on the menu and great adventure is being served, just take your backpack and head on to the streets. The destination’s going to be worth every bit!

Here are the places around Jaipur that you need to explore right away-

  • Bhangarh
Bhangarh places to explore near jaipur jaipurtalks
One of the most haunted places in India- Bhangarh

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Constructed in the 17th century, Bhangarh fort is famous as one of India’s most haunted places with ancient ruins. It was established under the then ruler of Jaipur, Bhagwant Das. There are many ghost stories attached to this fort, thus adding on to the mystery. Ironically, the vast premise is also home to a number of temples. While this historical place sees a great footfall during the daytime, the entry is legally prohibited during the night.

  • Sambhar Lake
sambhar lake places to explore near jaipur jaipurtalks
The photogenic spot

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Speak of nature’s wonders and Sambhar Lake comes to our mind. Sambhar means salt, and it has been extracted from this lake for over a thousand years. It is located around 60kms west of Jaipur and is India’s largest saline lake with infinitely stretching horizons, where the breathtakingly blue sky and the gushing water appear to merge. The sight of tall, dainty flamingos at this place is something that makes you want to visit it again and again. Pelicans can also be sighted flocking here in large troops.

  • Panna Meena ki baori
Panna-Meena-ki-baori-places to explore near jaipur jaipurtalks
Panna Meena ki Baori

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Also popularly known as Panna meena ka kund, this ancient place reminds us of the rich cultural history of Jaipur. Constructed in the 16th century, Panna meena ka kund is situated on the Jaipur-Amer road. It serves as a step well, an olden method of water harvesting. It is also said to have been built as a community place where people would gather to unwind and converse. This place is famous for its unique structure with criss-cross steps forming a design.


  • Chand Baori
chand baori-places to explore near jaipur jaipurtalks
Chand Baori- This step well will amaze you with its architecture

Built way back in the 9th century, Chand Baori is known to be one of the deepest and most beautiful step wells of the world. This hidden treasure is located in the Abhaneri village near Jaipur and gets its name from its founder, King Chand Raja. Chand Baori was also used as a shooting site in films such as Bhool Bhulaiya, The Dark Knight Rises and The Fall.

  • Bisalpur Dam
bisalpur-dam-places to explore near jaipur jaipurtalks
Awesome to visit during monsson

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The lush greenery and bracing waters in the backdrop of a crystal blue sky at Bisalpur Dam is all that a traveller soul needs! Opened in 1999, Bisalpur dam was constructed in the Tonk District near Jaipur for major irrigation and water supply purposes. A long drive to this place in the rainy season is a must for all the nature & adventure lovers!

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