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11 less known facts about Maharana Pratap – Birth Anniversary

One of the greatest warrior of all time is Maharana Pratap, was a great Hindu warrior of Mewar. Maharana Pratap was the only Rajput ruler of the 16th century who continued to defy Akbar.

The warrior that never surrendered

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He has been the idol of bravery and courage to all Indian Rajputs in Rajasthan. In the memory of this great warrior today we celebrate his 476th Birth Anniversary and presenting you some of the rare and unknown facts about this great warrior’s life.

In the memory of the warrior

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1. Maharana Pratap once thought of surrendering himself to Akbar.

2. He used to wear a 72 kg Armour and was 7.5 feet tall.

3. He used to fight with a total weight of about 205 kg, with, a Spear of 80 kg, Armour worth 72 kg and two Swords, 25 kg each.

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Unbelievable warrior

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4. Maharana Pratap Has 17 sons and 5 Daughters from 11 wives.

5. Its is said that he was so strong that, he could press a coin between his fingers and draw it into a wire.

6. Not only him but his horse Chetak was also Loyal and Brave and played his part in various battles with Pratap.

7. He was the first Hindu Rajput who used the “Gurella Warfare with The Bhils”

8. Shakti Singh,The Brother of Maharana Pratap was the traitor who showed the mughals the secret pass to the palace.

9. Pratap’s Horse Chetak tried to escape via Haldighati pass with a single long leap, for which it is famous, but was killed by Mughal archers.

10. Inspite of the loss, Maharana Pratap remained stubborn in his act, and did not surrender to the Mughals.

11. Attacking from the back or on the unarmed was never Pratap’s forte, too.

Chittorgarh’s Fort

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So we hope that you remember this great warriors hardship and try to follow his path of love for his motherland and for his people.

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